Difference Between MIE2i And 20i Quietcomfort

For the first one, or the Bose Mie2i, has been featured as the in-line microphone together with the in-line music controls for either iPod or the iPhone device. As for this tool, it’s noticeable for us to witness the proprietary StayHear ear tips or a more comfy feeling on the ears. This is claimed to be stable fit on our ears, and not only that, the Bose Mie2i would bear the most protective carrying box for your newly-purchased headphone storage without a doubt. What’s more interesting about it will be the in-line 3-button remote plus one more microphone that enables us to welcome every coming phone call as well as adjusting the music on your own iPhone.

Difference Between MIE2i And 20i Quietcomfort

It’s obvious here that the Mie2i has been engineered for handling any call along with the tunes. Moreover, Bose won’t be able to handle any of that specification information, so it’s easy to see how this version is incapable of dealing with any ambient noise. In other words, none of the Mie2i models are equipped with the sound isolating technologies in a natural way. As for the Quietcomfort 20i – another Bose product, this has the best possible noise-canceling performance of any headphone type. Furthermore, its capacity has been reviewed and tested by dozens of consumers both online and offline! The best thing about it will be none other than minimizing any irritating sound.

In general, that is properly the best one in the market nowadays. A lot of people who have used it will state something like ‘wow’. There’s a bunch of friends of your own friends checking out the QC 20i would deliver the most objective reviews as it comes to the sound quality and noise-canceling functions. In other words, the earbuds of the QC20i would be placed in average size and lightweight. As for its design, it has one oval-shaped end, along with one silicone half-horn thing. To be honest, initially place them on the ears, the first feeling that you might have would be how they do not seem like to fit at all.

Nevertheless, they’re basically secure so that they can’t fall out. The best part of it is how they hardly bear any high pressure, so you don’t have to be afraid of digging it into your ear canal. To sum up, most of the noise-canceling headphones would be able to make sound waves that come in an opposite way. Note that any of these types work best with the constant droning sounds, like in the air conditioner.

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9 thoughts on “Difference Between MIE2i And 20i Quietcomfort

  1. I bought a MIE2i headset last year. I decided to pay “the price” to have a good product and I was satisfied… until…
    yesterday, my wife did not heard me on a phone call from my iPhone 4 with IOS 7.2.1. I had to disconnect to have her hearing me.
    The headset was functionning normally since my upgrade, and I don’t think it is iPhone related.
    There is a number is 223K on both headset … is this the serial number ?

    What should I do to have it functionning again.

    Paul-André Bouchard
    1562 ave Van Horne
    Outremont, Québec, Canada
    H2V 1L5

  2. Without doubt the quality of these headphones is pure Bose. As a longtime broadcaster and public radio station founder I can tell good audio and these have it. Thanks for another high quality product.

  3. the new Bose mobile in ear headphones sound much better than the regular head phones and ears are not hurt if wear too long.

  4. This headphones are great. They stay in my ear comfortably even as I work out. I hardly realize they are in my ear. LOVE THEM!!

  5. I love all the bose products
    I have bose speakers at my computer, i have earphones bose, and i want to buy more 🙂
    Good job guys

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